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Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are applications built for the Internet. They are usually compatible to the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications. They differ from other Web applications because they transfer to the browser the processing necessary for the composition of the interface and interaction with the user, maintaining, however, the control over data flow in the application server. RIAs make massive use of scripts executed directly by the browsers, such as ECMAScript (a W3C standart for the old JavaScript), and patterns of modern communications such as AJAX and Webservices.

Traditional Web applications navigate and display a new page on every click, every interaction with the user. This forces a high consumption of network, low interactivity and little involvement from the user. RIAs are more responsive and dynamic, while keeping the more positive characteristics of Web applications, such as the ability to run on a common browser (avoiding the need for changes in the user's environment), the local security (because such applications run on a special environment, called 'sand box', administered by the browser), connectivity and cooperation (among various user).

The type of content and media are also richer, because there is a embebed dynamic behavior, which may involve the control of videos, sounds, three-dimensional objects, and features such as drag and drop, scroll bars, Calculations and even complex graphics - all operated by the customer, without any new requests to the server.

RIAs are already widely used in the creation of advergames, interfaces for e-mail servers (like Google, Yahoo! And MS Live Mail). Contact us through our call center or schedule a visit by e-mail: The Spores can help your company to make the best use of this technology to improve their businesses. The possibilities are numerous.

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