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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques for optimizing Web pages. Its goal is to increase and improve the traffic that comes from search results in various search engines.

Increasing the traffic that comes from the search results requires ensuring that the link to a document will appear as soon as possible (on the first pages and even in the top positions) in the result list from searches for certain keywords. To improve this traffic, however, means to ensure that users find what they wanted when they submited the search with those words.

It is important to remember that SEO is just one activity within a marketing strategy aimed at increasing the relevance of a Web site. Therefore, we should not consider only the mechanical aspect, that is, the way algorithms of search engines index and organize result sets, but also the organic aspect, which is related to the way people refer to a given subject, product or service.

We are prepared to assist your company to build and present information in a clear and single way, so the search engines will index something really attractive and relevant. That will also help your web site to engage your end users. On the other hand, we will help you to avoid bad practices (e.g. spandexing, keyword stuffing and link farming) commonly mistaken as SEO by enexperient professionals. Such practices intend to circumvent filters and best-known algorithms (such as Googlebot or Yahoo! Robot), but create a bad impression to the user and degrade the value of your web site and the image of your company.

Contact us through our call center or schedule a visit by e-mail. We will be glad to explain how our experience in SEO can leverage your business int he web.

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