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In the first half of 2007, students of the courses of Computer Science and Industrial Design of UnB joined forces in a research project aimed at application of advanced techniques to create interactive Virtual Environments and the analysis of ergonomics, usability and navigability of such environments. The project was extended until the first half of 2008.

The partnership yielded more than the graduation projects approved 'with honors': a product emerged, then several ideas, a company. The initial product was a converter/translator that create X3D scripts from CAD tool's projects. X3D is W3C's standard for describing the three-dimensional interactive virtual environments, specialy designed for navigation through common web browsers. Hence the idea of creating a company specializing in multimedia formats for the Internet. Sporos - IT with design was born, combining the most advanced technology to exchange rich information (videos, music, virtual environments, etc.) on the Internet with solid concepts of design.

Ideas did not stop. New developers and designers were added to the team. And now the Sporos is your big chance to apply, efficiently and profitably, the technology used in most modern research centers in the world to the challenges of your business in the computer's network. The challenge is yours to make, the technology to achieve it is ours.

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